Note Request Procedures

You must be registered with SSD and approved by your advisor for a notetaker accommodation before you can use the note-taking system. Not sure if you have an accommodation for a notetaker? Click on "Main Menu" and "Accommodation Letters". Login to see the accommodations that have been approved for you. If you have questions or concerns about your accommodations contact your Disabilities Services Coordinator at SSD.



If you are approved for a notetaker and want to use this module to obtain your notes please follow the steps below.


Step 1

You must indicate that you require a notetaker for each course that you would like to receive notes for. Click on the 'Courses / Notes' link in the main menu, then click on 'No - change this' beside each course for which you require a notetaker.


Step 2

If a notetaker is available for a course you will see a button called 'select a notetaker' in the 'Notetaker availability' column of your course list. Click on the button to view the list of available notetakers (notetakers are identified by numbers so you will not know the identity of the notetaker and they will not know your identity). You are able to browse sample notes that each notetaker has uploaded in order to help you make your decision. If there are no notetakers available for a specific course you may ask your instructor to make an announcement in class to find a volunteer notetakers. Students who want to be a volunteer notetaker can apply via the SSD website:


Step 3

Once you have selected a notetaker, you are able to download the notes that have been uploaded by your notetaker. You will receive an automated email when a new copy of notes are uploaded. Click on the 'Notes' button beside the course you wish to download notes for. You should download your notes at least once per week. If you wait until the night before a test or exam, the system could be unavailable and no one will be able to assist you after hours.


If you have any questions or concerns when using this module please contact SSD at 512-471-6259 or We hope this module will be a more efficient and effective way for you to get the notes you need!