Thank you for becoming a Volunteer Note-taker!

Volunteer Note-takers provide an important service by ensuring students with a disability have full access to the material and information presented in class. Being a volunteer note-taker requires a minimal amount of time and effort- you just share the notes you are already taking in class!

Taking notes in class provides access for students with a variety of disabilities including


            ADHD         Learning Disabilities   Visual Disabilities         Deaf/Hard of Hearing

          Psychological Disabilities Traumatic Brain Injury   Autism   Medical Disabilities


Being a volunteer note-taker requires consistent class attendance and a willingness to share your notes after every class if there is a student with a disability who needs your notes. If your services are needed you will be eligible for service hours for the time you spend taking notes. D&A will provide verification of service hours at the end of the semester.

 Here are your next steps!

1.    Click the Profile Page of the D&A Portal to sign in. Use your UT EID and password.

2.    Build your profile with the required information.

3.    Choose the classes you are available to provide notes for (You must be registered for the course. You can add a course after Add/Drop if necessary).

4.    Your sign-up form will be sent to the D&A staff for confirmation. You will get a follow-up email with next steps on how to upload your sample notes. You will be asked to upload a sample of the notes you already take in lecture.


When you are selected as a note-taker, you will get an email notifying you. You should then upload notes as soon as you can after each lecture. While typed notes in Word documents are preferred, you can also take pictures of handwritten notes and upload the notes as photos. However, your writing must be legible and the pages must be numbered. We prefer you compile the pages of notes for each lecture into one document. This could be done by adding the images into a single Word document. Note: Peer notes do not extend to textbook readings or external sources. The notes uploaded should only cover lectures and any discussion sections.

Within the D&A Portal, your identity will be hidden from students- they only will see your notes, not your name. Important: Your note documents may contain your name by default. Follow this help page to remove information from your shared documents: Help protect your privacy - Microsoft Support


For more information visit the FAQs section.


If you are unable to serve as a note-taker for the remainder of the semester, you are asked to log in to the D&A Portal and remove your availability immediately so another note-taker can be assigned.

Thanks for helping to make UT an accessible and inclusive environment for students with disabilities!


Additional information is available on the D&A website: Student Volunteer Note-takers Page.

If you run into difficulties please email